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Hamilton Pool Marriage Proposal

When Sara’s sister contacted me to see if I’d be down to hide out at Hamilton Pool and capture Wes’ marriage proposal, you can bet I jumped at the chance. Hamilton Pool is one of the most beautiful places in Austin (and probably Texas), and my family has been going there for generations.

Anywhere else, and an outdoor February proposal by the water might be a nightmare, but here in Austin, we got a beautiful early spring morning. Maybe a little too cold to swim, but perfect for short sleeves at sunrise.

Wes included his and Sara’s families in the planning process, and had secretly brought them in town for the proposal. Sara thought she and Wes were just taking a little vacation in Austin; little did she know what awaited her! Wes knew that the only thing Sara wanted in a proposal was a photographer to capture it, so this was a perfect scenario.

Luckily, Hamilton Pool is beautiful and attracts photographers from the world over, so I didn’t have to hide in the woods. As Wes and Sara walked by with their families, Wes held back for a moment as the families walked on. He dropped to his knee and popped the question to a shocked and overjoyed Sara. Of course she said yes, and the rest is history! Please enjoy these beautiful pictures of a beautiful moment at a beautiful location, and reach out if you are planning a proposal of your own!

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