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Austin's Best Photo Booth

Looking for a photo booth rental in Austin? Handmade with loving care by myself, owner and principal photographer at Max Photography, my photo booths are unlike any other. I’ve created them to take the best possible photographs, with a proprietary lighting system you won’t find anywhere else. So you and your guests will look fantastic in all your photos. They’re also exceptionally attractive photo booths. Because why would you want an eyesore at your wedding?

The best-looking photo booths in Austin also happen to take the best photos. Lucky you!


Everyone knows that photo booth props are the best. And when it comes to props you shouldn’t have to settle for second-best. Max Photography uses only Elope brand props--the same high-quality costumes you’ll find at two of my favorite stores in Austin: Terra Toys and Toy Joy. Your rental includes free props like colorful wigs, crazy glasses, cat paws, themed hats, and more.

Photo Booth Album

A photo booth memory book is a perfect replacement for a wedding guest book. I scoured the globe--or at least the internet--to find the perfect custom photo booth album. I found it with Bindewerk, a German company that creates lovely hand-bound linen albums. These post albums are expandable in case you use more than the 20 heavy, natural white pages and come in a variety of colors. Guests can leave one copy of the photo strips in the album as an ideal keepsake.

Thumb Drive

Max Photography saves all your photo booth pictures to a thumb drive so that you’ll get to see all the wild antics your friends and family got up to. It’s a great way to relive the event or just to have on hand for blackmail purposes.

Highest-Quality Images

You won’t find a photo booth in Austin with higher-quality images. With a background in photography and crafting, I built Max Photography’s photo booths specifically to take beautiful, well-lit pics. I’ve heard from countless guests that these are the best photo booth pictures they’ve ever seen and I know you’ll agree.

Photo Booth Strips

Max Photography is the only photo booth you’ll find in Austin that offers triple 2”x8” photo strips. 2”x8” photo strips allow me to fit four photos plus your logo or monogram on each strip. Also, photo booth strips look awesome on your fridge and are perfect bookmarks. I also offer 4”x6” prints, but the strips are a much more authentic photo booth experience.

Photo Booth Printer

I use big, heavy, expensive dye-sublimation printers in my photo booths. They’ve got a lot of benefits compared to a standard inkjet printer. They print much faster--it takes about 30 seconds to receive your print--and the prints are dry when they come out as the printer doesn’t use liquid ink. Your prints will look amazing for years.

Proprietary Lighting

The secret to the high-quality photo booth pictures is in the lighting. No camera in the world can save your photos if the lighting sucks. That’s why I designed the photo booths with a lighting system of my own devising. You’ll see the difference immediately.

Online Images on Facebook

If you’d like, I’ll get the photos uploaded to Max Photography’s Facebook page after the event so that everyone can go through and find their favorites. Guests are free to download, tag, and comment on their photos. As not everyone wants their photos public, this is completely optional.

Photo Booth Logo

Photo strips are a great place to showcase your logo or monogram. There’s a 2”x2” space at the bottom of each photo strip for just that purpose. Lots of couples will have a logo or monogram specifically designed for their wedding. If you need a bit of help, I’m happy to help come up with a simple design for you. If you want something a bit more involved, a graphic designer is a great choice.

Photo Booth Attendant

A photo booth attendant makes sure that everything runs smoothly with your photo booth rental. In addition to setting up and taking down the photo booth for your rental, the photo booth assistant will replace printer paper when necessary and help guests who have questions about how to use a photo booth. A great photo booth attendant is--in addition to being helpful--friendly, knowledgeable, and fun. I, and all Max Photography’s other photo booth attendants, are all these things.

Wedding Photo Booth

A photo booth at your wedding is an ideal way to get photographs of all your guests at their silliest. As a wedding photographer, I can tell you that it’s incredibly difficult to photograph every guest at a wedding. Having a wedding photo booth means that even the wallflowers will get their chance to pose in front of the camera and you’ll get more memories. And who doesn’t want more memories from their wedding?

Also, nothing goes better with a photo booth at your wedding than amazing wedding photography. It’s even better than cookies and milk--it’s more like cookies and cupcakes.

Event Photo Booth

Photo booths aren’t just for weddings. Photo booth rentals are a fantastic way to add a little liveliness to corporate events, bar and bat mitzvahs, quinceañeras, holiday parties, fundraisers, grand openings, birthday parties, school events, open houses, anniversary parties, and expos. Max Photography has the experience to help make your event a smashing success.

Photo Booths for Fundraisers

Having a fundraiser for your non-profit, school, church, or any other organization is a great way to raise money. A photo booth can be a great draw to get folks interested in your event and help bring in some more sweet cash.

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