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Are you thinking about proposing to your significant other in the Austin area or beyond? Hiring a proposal photographer is the perfect way to document the occasion. There’s only one chance to capture that priceless expression, so make sure you have someone hidden in the bushes with a camera. But not in a creepy way.

Seriously, though, I’ve had the opportunity to photograph some beautiful moments of raw human emotion and it’s such an honor to be a part of. And so far, everyone has said “yes!”

Austin is home to some truly unforgettable wedding proposal locations, so whether you live here or are thinking of popping the question on vacation, you’re in the right place. From the natural splendor of Hamilton Pool to the skyline views at Butler Park, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re interested in learning more, please click here to see my proposal photography FAQ, and click here to find out about proposal photography pricing.

Please read on below the photo gallery to learn everything you could ever need to know about hiring an Austin proposal photographer.

Lady Bird Lake Proposal
Chapel Dulcinea Surprise Proposal
Hamilton Pool Surprise Engagement Photos
Lesbian Proposal at Tau Ceti Mural
Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk Proposal
Austin Skyline Proposal
Mount Bonnell Wedding Proposal Photographer
Sekrit Theater Proposal
Austin Proposal Photography
Hamilton Pool Surprise Proposal Photography
Town Lake Boardwalk Marriage Proposal
Butler Park Proposal Photographer
McKinney Falls State Park Marriage Proposal
Hamilton Pool Proposal Photographer
Hamilton Pool Marriage Proposal Photographer
Where to Propose in Austin Texas

Why Should You Hire a Photographer for Your Surprise Proposal?

  • To capture the moment she said “yes,” he said “yes,” or they said “yes!”
  • Mini-engagement session
  • Free planning advice
  • Beautiful photos to share on social media
  • Save-the-dates

Capturing the Magic Moment

You’re going to want to remember your proposal experience. The best way to do that is to have beautiful professional photos of the “Yes!” moment. You’ll both be so overloaded with emotion when you pop the question that it will seem like a blur in retrospect. With a proposal photographer documenting the important moment, you’ll be able to treasure the memories.

I document the entire scene--the moment you ask “Will you marry me?”, the emotional response, wide views of the location, reaction shots, closeup detail shots, plus a 25-minute mini-engagement session afterwards. You’ll be able to remember things you didn’t even notice while it happened.

Mini-Engagement Session

Directly after you propose is the best time for a mini-engagement session. You’ll both be looking stylish and will be glowing with happiness. Plus you’ll be at a location that’s special to the two of you (if it wasn’t before, it certainly is now!). There’s no better scenario for an Instagram-worthy engagement session. I’ll spend 25 minutes after the proposal photographing the two of you around the proposal location so you get even more gorgeous photos.

Free Planning Advice

Have you ever proposed before? If not, having a proposal photographer to help you plan is going to be invaluable. If you have, you probably remember how stressful it was. I will help you plan your surprise proposal so that everything will be absolutely perfect when you get down on one knee.

I’ve been photographing in Austin since 2005 and I know all the ins and outs of the city. I can suggest all the great proposal spots to help you in choosing a location, the best time of day to propose so you get the most flattering light, and the best days of the week to propose so you have smaller crowds. I also know which areas to avoid during SXSW, where to park for all the popular proposal spots, and which proposal locations charge a fee.

Let me help make your proposal less stressful.

Beautiful Photos for Social Media

After you pop the question, your new fiancé is going to want to share the news with everyone they know. Hire me as your proposal photographer and you’ll have gorgeous memorable photographs to post on Instagram within a day.

Save the Dates

Once you’re engaged, you’ll want to get out those save-the-dates as soon as possible. Rather than schedule a separate engagement session, why not use a photo from your surprise proposal? Your friends and family will be thrilled to see that fairy-tale magic.

Why Should You Hire Max Photography for Your Surprise Proposal?

  • I’ve captured dozens of “Yes!” moments
  • Featured on How They Asked by The Knot
  • Extensive knowledge of proposal locations in Austin
  • LGBTQ+ ally
  • Resource for planning your proposal
  • Discreet

I’ve Captured Dozens of “Yes!” Moments

Hopefully you haven’t been involved in as many proposals as I have. If you have, holler at me; you need some dating advice. All that experience with planning wedding proposals means that I’ll help you come up with a solid plan (and a solid Plan B). I can tell you when to arrive, where to park, what to wear, and even what not to wear. For example, did you know that your girlfriend will probably sprain her ankle if she wears heels at Hamilton Pool? I did, and I know all kinds of other things you might not. I’ll help you avoid disaster.

I also know exactly when to start taking photos. Someone without experience might start taking photos too early and alert your significant other that something’s up. Or they might start too late and miss the magic moment. With all my planning and experience, I’ll make sure nothing gets missed.

Featured on How They Asked

My proposal photos are awesome. But you don’t have to take my word for it. I’ve had proposals featured on How They Asked by The Knot, the leading online publication of surprise proposals.

Extensive Knowledge of Austin Proposal Locations

I’ve done hours of research on every location that I recommend and photographed marriage proposals at many of Austin’s most popular (and secret) proposal spots. Let me help guide you in forming a game plan for your proposal spot. I can explain in detail where you should go and can even draw you a map if it seems helpful.

LGBTQ+ Proposals

I’ve been an LGBTQ+ ally since long before I started my business. I’ve photographed many LGBTQ+ weddings and proposals and your comfort is at the top of my priorities.

Resource for Planning Your Proposal

Use me! I want to be your resource to make sure everything flows smoothly. Many of my clients--and perhaps you--are not from Austin. Call me, email me, or text me and we’ll work out all the details together so that you don’t leave anything out.

I’m Discreet

From the planning stages to the actual proposal, I’m like a ninja. I can be as vague as you need me to be in emails and texts in case your significant other reads them. I like to have everything planned out beforehand so I don’t need to text you the day of the proposal. And when I’m preparing to photograph the proposal, I blend in as a nature photographer. I haven’t gotten caught yet!

What Is the Best Time of Day for a Surprise Proposal?

The short and simple answer: the best time for surprise proposal photography is one hour before sunset.

If you’ve read anything about this, you know photographers are almost zealots about the golden hour. I’m no exception--I love the golden hour for portraits. There are fewer harsh shadows and it’s like free sunless tanner (well, it’s the sun doing it, but you know what I mean).

But it’s also the best time for proposals because you might luck into some stunning sunset action for the proposal or the mini-engagement session.

Another bonus is that you can suggest to your soon-to-be fiance that you take a walk somewhere before going out to a fancy dinner. That way you’ll have a good excuse for wanting to take them somewhere beautiful beforehand. Plus you’ll both be dressed up and looking right.

The big exception to this is Hamilton Pool. If you’re planning on proposing at Hamilton Pool, you’ve got to get there right at 9:00AM. See? I'm full of helpful tips.

What Is the Best Day of the Week for a Surprise Proposal?

The best days of the week to pop the question are Monday through Thursday. That is, unless you like crowds.

The Austin area has over 2 million residents, and we have over 27 million visitors a year! That’s a lot of people, and they all want to get in the way of your perfectly-planned proposal. Maybe not really, but it may seem that way if you try to propose at a popular spot on the weekend.

If it’s possible, save yourself lots of stress, parking trouble, and ruined photographs. Plan your proposal for a weekday.

What Time of Year Should I Propose in Austin

Any time of year can be great for an Austin proposal as long as you have a plan. Summers are hot, so you should consider a water-based proposal. Spring can be rainy, so have a good Plan B in place in case of bad weather. SXSW takes over large parts of Austin, so it’s good to avoid anywhere central those days in March. If you have a date in mind but you’re unsure, contact me and I’ll help problem-solve.

Where Should I Propose in Austin

If you have a place that’s special to the two of you, that should be your first choice. The restaurant where you had your first date, a meaningful outdoor spot, where you shared your first kiss--all these can make for awesome proposal locations.

If you’re not from Austin, or you need a little help thinking of a great spot, head on over to my list of Austin proposal locations. These are tried-and-true spots that make for radical photos.

How Much Does a Proposal Photographer Cost?

I charge $400 plus tax for proposal photography Monday-Friday. Weekend proposals are $700 plus tax. Find out more on my proposal photography pricing page.

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