Vintage Villas Wedding Grand Exit
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Vintage Villas Wedding Grand Exit

Vintage Villas Wedding Grand Exit

When photographing a grand exit at a wedding, I always try to focus on the emotion of the couple as they leave their reception and enter into their new life together. In a day fraught with anxiety, tension, and high emotion, the release and relief felt at the end of the night can be powerful and makes for an amazing photography.

To capture this photo, taken at Vintage Villas, I instructed all the guests to blow bubbles like their lives depended on it as the couple walked between the two rows. I lit the bubbles from the back with an off-camera flash and lit the couple with my on-camera flash (set to a narrow beam to highlight them within the frame). I love how the resulting image turned out and it's a perfect ending to an amazing day.

Location: 4209 Eck Ln, Austin, TX 78734.

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