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Sekrit Theater Austin Wedding

I took this photograph at Sekrit Theater in east Austin during a very sweet elopement. The couple's close family were all who attended and we all fit into the greenhouse.

Sekrit Theater, styled as an abandoned garden, has tons of beautiful and unique spots for wedding photography, including this greenhouse with amazing checkerboard tiles.

It's a great location for a boho wedding. You might also consider it for your romantic, chic, garden, or outdoor wedding.

I have heard that Sekrit Theater recently changed its policy and books multiple events during the same time slot. I have also heard of issues with management and staff. Until that is cleared up, it's best to consider an alternate venue.

Sekrit Theater

Sekrit Theater is located in Austin, TX. Website: Phone: (512) 393-9161

Location: 1145 Perry Rd, Austin, TX 78721.

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